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Cypraís revolutionary new service helps you to properly sign-up, excite, and engage local prospects and leads.

A NEW local lead generation and email list-building service

Our service will help you quickly put together a local online campaign to attract and register more prospective customers for your marketing programs. Itís fast, itís effective, and itís performance-based. You only pay for the leads generated - nothing more!

The best way to get NEW local customers

A June 2010 survey conducted by Harris Interactive concluded that online campaigns with relevant, local content are the best way to market to local customers. And that's exactly what Cypra does for your brand. You get:

  • A targeted online advertising campaign that attracts local prospects
  • A mini web site that moves prospects into an email marketing list
  • An automatic, hands-free email campaign that drives traffic and sales for your business

3 steps to more leads and customers...

There are three steps to the Cypra program.

  • Cypra will evaluate your current web, email and online fulfillment practices to ensure that they can be used with our campaign tactics. Together, you and Cypra will jointly decide how to support any resources that may be needed to launch a local online campaign.
  • Cypra will prepare a media plan customized to your local market and objectives and selected from Cypraís network of proven lead sources. The media plan will address a mix of different online media and methods all with the goal of driving registrations, leads or trials to you.
  • Cypra will execute against the media plan and obtain the desired results. Regular and timely reports will be provided to you to mark progress against your goals.

Don't Buy Email Lists - Grow Your Own

Buying email lists from a 3rd party runs contrary to email marketing best practices. You simply can't buy and sell permission. No one ever opts-in to have their name and email address sold over and over again to different companies. Buying names is simply bad practice and will damage your brand.

Growing your list through smart marketing efforts like our local online advertising service is the right way to build a marketing list and grow a business.

Local Online Advertising is Risk-free, you pay only for performance.

The best part is that you pay only for results. Beyond a basic set up fee, you will only pay a fixed rate for each qualified lead registered through Cypraís efforts. This means that, unlike so many gimmicks in the marketing world, your costs are directly related to the results you actually get. Not a cent more.