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Cypra's SIMPLE Email makes it fast

Sometimes you don't need our industry-expert email specialists to do your email. Sometimes, you just want to send out something simple: a quickie email to a list of existing customers, or a Christmas invitation to the members of your Rotary Group, or the minutes of your last annual meeting. Sometimes, you want to be Simple.

SIMPLE: Make short work of small mailings

Cypra's SIMPLE is a do-it-yourself email tool that will help you create small email campaigns - by yourself - using our automated tools and email wizards. It's easy to use, quick, and ridiculously inexpensive.

Everything a self-service email solution should be - plus a little more

Oh sure, we know do-it-yourself email tools are a dime a dozen. And SIMPLE does all the things any self-respecting, self-service email tool should do. But it also does a little more. A few things included with SIMPLE are:

  • Manage your lists - Upload, segment and select your lists. We'll take care of "bounces" and "unsubscribes".
  • Design it yourself - Use your own creative email template or use one of SIMPLE's prepackaged templates to send your mailings.
  • Test it & send it - Cypra's SIMPLE allows you to test your email materials (5 tests free of charge) to make sure they are optimized for the best deliverability through the major ISPs. Then SIMPLE sends your email.
  • Statistics Cypra's SIMPLE will keep you informed and provide you convenient reporting of the email opens, clicks, and bounces.

Screenshots of the Simple Email Creator:

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Create Campaign

Create Email

Choose Template

Manage Contacts

Test Email

Campaign Report

It's all just so easy-to-use!

Everything on SIMPLE is guided and intuitive. Sending a successful email campaign requires little more than enough knowledge to use a word processor. You will be step-by-step in creating your email campaign. If you need additional support or guidance, a Cypra email specialist is available to answer your questions. Additional creative or consulting services are available for a fee.

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